Make-good provisions can be found in most rental agreements/lease arrangements, but many people go into a commercial leasing contract without fully understanding their obligations.

If you are a commercial tenant, be sure you know what’s expected of you so you’re covered when you move in – and out – of your new premises.

A make-good clause requires the tenant to return the premises back to the condition it was in when they began leasing the property.

The exact requirements will vary depending on the property and the specific provisions included in the clause.

We’ve highlighted the following items that might be included as part of a make-good clause:

Touch ups and minor repairs

Pay attention to everything when you move in and try to repair any damage as it happens. Hopefully when it is time to move out, you will only have basic touch ups and minor repairs to worry about. General wear and tear, scuff marks, cracks, holes or any other type of damage on the walls may need some plaster or touch-up paintwork to make it look like new again.


You may have the right to paint the interior whatever colour you like during your tenancy, however once you move out, your colour scheme should disappear with you.

For most office spaces, the walls will have started in basic white or neutral colours, and that is how they will need to be left when you leave.


Those hard cement floors may not be that appealing, but if you lay floor coverings during your move-in makeover, they will also need to be removed before the completion of your lease. Residue from adhesives will need to be removed, and the floor well cleaned.

Signage, decals and window treatments

The interior and exterior of the building needs to be left as you found it, which means removing any signage, branded decals and window frosting that you may have applied during your tenancy. Keep this in mind when applying such items at the beginning of your tenancy … and consider how easy they will be to remove when your lease is up.

Structural changes

You may need to make some significant changes to the layout of the property to suit the requirements of your business operation. Adding walls, creating new doorways or windows may be necessary, but don’t forget that what goes up, must come down if so listed as a make-good provision.

Fixtures and Fittings

Light fittings and other fixtures – such as hooks or shelving – that have been added, moved or removed as part of your grand office design may also need to be reconfigured prior to the end of your lease.

These are just a few a few of the items that can be included in a make good clause. Protect yourself and take careful note of the provisions before you start making major changes to your new workspace.

As a basic rule of thumb, just keep in mind that you should always leave things as you’ve found them.

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