Are you hoping for a flawless office fit-out? Our list of common mistakes and how to avoid them will help your business makeover project go off without a hitch.

Trying to do everything yourself

Have you heard that saying “buy cheap, pay twice”? Don’t try lower your fitout costs by doing work that should be performed by professionals … it is likely that your shoddy work will need to be fixed by a professional and cost you more money in the long run. Avoid DIY disasters and poor results … get professional contractors in straight away.

A little bit here, a little bit there

Consider your office fitout as what it is – a professional interior design and decoration project that will enhance your workspace for you, your staff and your clients. Randomly placing items and hoping it will just “come together”, is rarely going to work.

Creating a professional looking work place requires a lot of time, thought and planning. Engage a professional team to help you design the layout of your office décor ahead of time.

Furniture, fittings and accessories need to be strategically placed and laid out logically to ensure that each room is easy to access and comfortable to work in.

To guarantee an aesthetically pleasing and functional work place, hire an office fitout professional with a keen eye for detail and the experience to back it up.

Blowing the budget

A comprehensive budget is imperative for any office fitout. We suggest you seek advice from a financial advisor, or someone who has vast experience in office fitouts. Without expert guidance you could risk spending money on superfluous items, or on the contrary, not allowing enough budget to finish the job.

When setting your budget, allow a small amount of leeway to cover minor delays and hiccups along the way. Be diligent throughout the project and always keep an eye on your finances to ensure you have enough funds left to complete the job.

Work within your means … be realistic about what you really need – and what you can afford – to create a space that is suitable for your business’ requirements.

Failing to read and understand the contract/lease

A contract/lease is a binding document, so be sure to read it carefully before signing. If there is anything you are unsure of, seek advice. Look out for make-good clauses (link to ‘make-good’ blog) that determine what you can and can’t do, and how the property is to be left once you vacate at the end of your lease.

Communicate with your landlord … let them know what your fitout involve, and don’t be afraid to negotiate the terms. Open communication from the beginning allows you to plan ahead, and helps avoid obstacles along the way.

Inadequate lighting, power points

Depending on your business purpose and office space, your lighting requirements could be quite specific. Creative lighting might be suitable for certain areas such as reception, but bright, practical lighting should be placed in where people are working. And don’t forget to take advantage of natural lighting whenever possible.

To meet practical and functional purposes, it is recommended to have at least two power points at any workstation, and additional points in currently unused areas that may need to be utilised as your business grows.

Lack of foresight

When planning your office fitout, try to anticipate your potential future requirements. How do you see your business evolving? If you envisage any growth, allocate space and resources appropriately … leave room for expansion, and carefully consider the length of your lease.

A well-planned office fitout, following expert advice and workmanship, will make an incredible difference to your day to day business operations, and overall success.

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