Defit & Demolitions

Tackling any defit or demolition of a workspace requires a professional approach, a good understanding of the building’s structural integrity, and knowledge of how to deal with the existing building materials.

Defits and demolitions are essential processes, and require a thorough overhaul and renovation of your commercial, retail or office space.

At MacWest Construction, our commercial division offers only the best selection of strip-out, defit and demolition services in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

We ensure that your operational space is returned to its original state, and all ready to be transformed into a new revitalised work space.

We only hire experienced and professional contractors, specialists in delivering quality work, and workers we can trust to efficiently and effectively remove dangerous materials, and delivering a cleared space that is ready for its new layout.

All projects start with a clear understanding of what is required by the landlord, and how the property will be utilised in the future. Together we will maintain and restore what can be saved, and dismantle and remove what cannot be used.

MacWest offers an affordable and full service defit and demolition of your property. This includes removing flooring, walls and ceilings.

Commercial Defits

When the time comes to move office space, close down your restaurant, or maybe moving your shop to new locations, don’t just look at MacWest Construction to fit out your new space, we can also manage the defit of your old commercial area.

If renovation is not an option, and you want to go for a full defit, we will proceed to remove all non-structural aspects of your property. This includes furniture, fittings and unwanted technical elements.

MacWest Construction offers a full defit operation, and our highly skilled team can tackle all defit requirements, from small defits, where we remove all the loose fixtures, fittings and furniture, to the full defits, where we remove all the permanent aspects of your work space, including the floorboards, carpets, tiles, heating, cooling, cabinets, sinks and other elements that will not be used by the new tenants.

MacWest Construction’s comprehensive and affordable defit service is a professional and complete service. We inspect, quote and deliver an outcome where the property is ready for fit-out, leaving the new tenant happy, and without delays.

Small Demolitions

When the time comes to defit your office space, commercial enterprise or restaurant, MacWest Construction will approach your demolition process with due diligence, we will set out to remove all hazardous materials. This includes any potentially harmful materials that might impact the demolition, refit or occupation of your new space.

Harmful materials may include wiring, fuels and other flammable items, and also dangerous building materials such as asbestos or lead piping.

We will then set out to disconnect all utilities, including water, electricity or gas.

Once all the safety measures are in place, we can commence with the demolition process. MacWest aims to deliver all demolitions with the highest level of safety, accuracy and quality of service.

MacWest Construction offer a range of defit services in Brisbane, the Gold Coast and as far north as the Sunshine Coast.

Our services include:

A comprehensive property inspection, including reporting on condition, structure and scope of the required work.

We conduct a thorough demolition of partitions, including the removal of waste materials.

Our teams include qualified electricians and technicians, dismantling ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems.

Demolitions and defits are highly skilled services, and hiring purely on price, could cost you dearly in the long term. Our team members can demolish and remove any built-in fixtures such as cabinets, sinks and desktops, without damaging the fixed structures.

Essential structural checks are in place to ensure we can remove walls, ceilings, flooring or other critical fixtures.

The demolition and defit period might also be a good time to put in the new walls, flooring or ceilings, and if this is a service that MacWest Construction can offer, plus it will save you time and money in the long term.

The areas where it is essential to use the best in the business, is when you are dealing with mechanical and electrical defits. MacWest offers a service complete with skilled technicians that can defit your electrics, mechanical elements, sprinkler systems, and your security fixtures, including cameras and access control.

MacWest Construction is proud to do its bit for the environment, and we strive to recycle and repurpose as much of the disposed building materials as possible. And the items that cannot be reused, those we process and discard in an ethically correct manner.

Demolitions and defit operations are only as good as the end product, and in many cases we deal with landlords and property managers that cannot afford to leave their rental properties unattended. We polish and paint as we go, leaving your property better than before.

MacWest Construction is highly respected in the construction and maintenance of high end commercial properties, and it is for this reason that we are a preferred service provider for many of south-east Queensland’s property managers and landlords.  MacWest not only offer the best service, we also respect and protect their properties and business interests.

MacWest Construction offers a comprehensive project management service, we cover all the trades required to remodel your commercial property, and the benefit is that you only have to deal with one contact point.

  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Warehouse
  • Professional

And we carry out a variety of tasks such as:

  • End of Lease
  • Floor stripping
  • Rubbish removal
  • Ceilings removed
  • Walls removed
  • Furniture removed
  • Fire damage
  • Insurance work
  • Amenities defits

For all strip out, defits and demolitions, contact MacWest Construction – Commercial – your one-stop commercial fit out, defit and demolition service today.