Building a new home can be one of the most stressful experiences in life. But it doesn’t have to be that way. By keeping open lines of communication between you and your builder, it can be a smooth exciting process.

We recommend you ask your builder these simple questions before you sign your contract, to help ensure a stress-free experience throughout the build.

Can you show me some of your recently finished projects?

The proof is in the pudding (or the building in this case). To get a better feel for the builder’s experience, ask to see completed projects, and to speak to past customers.  If the builder can’t give you access to these standard requests, alarm bells should be ringing.

Do you have home indemnity insurance?

Another way to avoid nasty surprises is to check if your builder has a Certificate of Currency to cover you in the event something goes wrong along the way.

Are you a licensed builder?

It seems like an obvious question, but you’d be surprised at how many people forget to ask.

What company staff will I have access to?

Having access to all staff including contracts administrator, supervisor, accounts and the owner and registered builder of the company is key to transparency, and allows you ask questions of the people who can give you the relevant answers quickly.

Do you work in the same area I’ll be building?

It’s a good idea to find a builder who operates in and around the suburb where your land is located. If it is outside of their usual area, it may be impractical to send out their trusted team of trades. Remember, a new home construction requires a team of experts … and the best results come from a team that has already successfully worked together on a number of projects.

How many projects are you working on at the same time?

A smaller boutique building company, working on limited projects at any given time can ensure superior quality control, access to quality tradesmen, faster response times and a more personal experience for you.

Can I meet with the electrician, plumber and wall and floor tiler, prior to commencement of their work?

If you have specific requirements or preferences for where power points, light switches, taps and feature tiles are placed, you need to clarify this with the trades-people up-front.

Will I be allowed to make changes during construction and will there be any additional variation fees?

Find out if the builder allows on-site variations during construction. Ask what the conditions are, including the builder’s cut off points and additional prices so you don’t incur any unexpected costs at completion.

I’d like to see the progress … at what points of construction can I inspect the build?

It’s important your builder involves you in the process. By visiting the site at various times during the construction phase, you will be able to pick up any problems that may otherwise go un-noticed until it’s too late.

How long is the building maintenance period?

Six months after home completion is a pretty standard time, but it’s a good idea to check up front.

Don’t be afraid to ask. Voice your concerns and get answers to all of your questions prior to signing a contract… and stay in the loop from the very beginning.

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