Shop fitting

Are you in the planning process of building a new store?

Maybe you’re considering refurbishing an old shop to look like new?

MacWest Construction is an experienced commercial construction company, specialising in shop fitting, demolition and maintenance work all across south-east Queensland. We are the trusted leaders in creating exceptional office, retail or commercial work spaces.

The secret of our success stems from our ability to deliver a quality finished product, to work closely with our clients, and to really understand their business, and how their staff and customers will operate and interact within the newly created space.

Our processes commence right from the get-go, and we often work closely with architects to ensure that the vision and reality remain a reality. We can provide advice on product availability, lighting techniques, and other available design elements.

Before we commence with a new shop fitting project, we might be involved in the de-fit and demolition of the old retail, office, or commercial space. Once the space is cleared, then we will start on building your dream. Our demolition team is specialists in their field, and can de-fit your office, retail or commercial space with little disruption, and in the shortest time span.


Getting started with your retail, office or commercial shop fitting

Using the right products and the right builder is essential in ensuring that you are left with a perfect end result. A shop fitting is more than just the presentation of your business or enterprise. This is the perfect time to find the right mix between design, aesthetics, user experience, and technology. Plus, you will want it done within budget, and according to all the building codes and landlord requirements.

The MacWest Construction – Commercial experience will leave you satisfied from the initial planning stage, right through to the end product. We partner with highly experienced contractors in order to deliver quality finishing, on budget, and on schedule.

At Macwest Construction, we have processes in place to secure your investment. We start each project with a dedicated consultation and site visit. We do this to fully understand your needs, wants and limitations. We will quote your project on a realistic budget and timeline, and still make sure that we appreciate the key elements of your fit-out. No work will begin until both parties are satisfied about what we hope to achieve, the process we will follow to achieve it, and the timeline required.

Our team of builders, contractors and shop fitting specialists will think of everything related to the shop fitting process, from how to maximise space, how to optimise lighting, and how to make sure that your fit-out is flexible enough to stay up to date with any technological requirements of the future. We see a lot of small construction businesses lack the experience and vision to know what will be required in the future. In any modern build or shop fitting, you need to think about cabling, wi-fi and mobile connectivity.

Time is money, and working to a dedicated timeline is essential for you to open on time, and for us to stay within budget.

We will deliver a clear budgetary guideline to ensure both parties are aware of their requirements, expectations, and more importantly, the expenses. Your quote will be transparent, and there will be no hidden costs.

Your shop fitting building plan will highlight what is required from both parties, at what time, and how each action will impact another. Contingency measures will be factored into the timeline and budget, and we will ensure that we have back-up plans to any unforeseeable issues that may arise.


The MacWest Construction – Commercial Guarantee

The team at MacWest Construction – Commercial delivers a satisfaction guaranteed service. We have over 20 years of high-end shop fitting experience, we work with only the leading carpenters, glaziers and shopfitters. The quality of our work is highly regarded in the construction industry, and we are respected by landlords all across south-east Queensland and NSW.

Working with MacWest Construction is ensuring that you are doing things the right way from the get-go. Our building standards adhere to, and exceed all the building codes, landlord requirements and industry standards.

The MacWest Construction – Commercial team will walk and talk you through the whole shop fitting process, starting with the demolition and de-fit process, during the design and the build, and finally with the fitting of the finishing touches.

We will sign off on the whole process, guarantee the quality of the finished product, and leave you with a shop or business that’s looking better than you could ever have imagined.

Like any other construction service provider, we would recommend that you don’t just take our word for it, but also read what others had to say about MacWest Construction.

MacWest Construction is a highly experienced and trusted builder in the south-east Queensland and northern New South Wales region. We are reputable maintenance agents for many of Brisbane’s city high rises, and we cater to a large variety of customers.

We offer a full service of both residential and commercial construction work. Our services include bathroom restoration, home demolitions, office shop fitting and retail shop fitting and many other construction and maintenance related services.

Before you start planning your next shop fitting, de-fit or construction project, make sure to contact MacWest Construction, and we can guide you along the way.