Once upon a time buying a block of land and applying for building approval was a relatively simple process. Today however, if you don’t understand the complexities of building compliance, you could be in for a rocky road.

The red tape around council by-laws and covenants is becoming more and more stringent, often making the building process a complicated and daunting task.

Inner city re-builds, master planned estates and environmentally sensitive zones all attract comprehensive lists of overlays and zonings.

Macwest Construction has identified the following items that fall outside of a normal Brisbane City Council building approval:

  • Material change of use applications
  • Demolition control precincts
  • Character code areas
  • Vegetation protection orders
  • Fauna protection areas
  • Development approvals
  • Bush fire zones
  • Site slippage zones
  • Heritage corridors
  • Estate covenants including colours, specifications, landscape design
  • Small lot code
  • Flood reports-minimum floor levels
  • Overland flow

And then there are the overlays, such as:

  • Biodiversity
  • Waterways
  • Wetlands
  • Airport environs
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Streetscape
  • Ecological corridors
  • Sulphate soils
  • Noise corridors

Confused yet? You can see how this can make the already stressful process of building a new home even more overwhelming.

It is essential that these issues are addressed prior to, or included in, the architect design process.

Macwest Construction has the experience and knowledge to look after the DA approval process for you. We work closely with town planners, certifiers, engineers and general industry professionals, as required, to achieve the desired outcome and get your build underway quickly – and compliantly.

To find out more about building compliance and how we can help address these requirements, contact Macwest Construction today.